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A Motion Designer's Guide To Financial Freedom

The Freelancer Bible

Are you looking to carve your own path to financial freedom?


Do you want to work and live on you own terms?

This Bible condenses everything I have learned from maintaining a successful freelance career over 10+ years, so you can avoid the common beginner mistakes and reach your goals faster. Learn the best strategies to get started in 2023.

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Here's what this workbook includes:

Hi! 👋🏼 I'm Thom Porras,

and I have been living the freelance lifestyle for over a decade. I have worked with big artists like Danny Ocean, Daddy YankeeCamila, Sia, and Jax Jones, and collaborated with many film studios, agencies and brands. All of this while being 100% remote.

My mission here is to help young motion designers kickstart their creative business and start getting their first clients. I will break down the methods I have used to avoid the 9-to-5 grind and get paid while having fun at work.

Learn more about me.

Enjoy the path to financial freedom.

Fill out a quick survey and get access to The Freelancer Bible ⚡️

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