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RENAULT ACE2: Case Study


I worked with Grilled Cheese Studio to create two animated explainer videos for Renault's internal communications. The idea was to present the newest upgrade for their employees' workstations, along with a tutorial for the migration process.


My friends at Grilled Cheese wrote the script and recorded the VO, and I took care of all the visual aspects, from concept to storyboard, design and finally animation. It was all designed within Illustrator and animated with After Effects.

01. Intro To ACE 2


The very first part of the process was to break down the script into the main ideas. I highlighted certain words that stood out to me and then started thinking of visual metaphors or icons that could support each one.


Using a Wacom tablet and Illustrator, I created a full storyboard with a few indications of how I intended to animate them.


One the storyboard was approved, I put together a rough edit with the V.O. that I was provided with. This is the part where the rhythm and pacing of any animation are born.


When it was time to design all the assets for the animation, I chose these colours, based loosely on the actual brand guidelines for Renault. I wanted a restricted color palette but I found that using 2 values of the same colour was perfect to add volume to the shapes.

02. Migration

The second video needed a lot more details because it had to walk you through the process of migrating from the old system to the new one. The production process for this one was exactly the same. I re-used several graphic assets from the first video and designed some additional ones.


Thank you for watching!
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